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Corporate Architecture provides experience and a comprehensive range of services for all projects.

On a majority of projects, Corporate Architecture uses the RIBA Plan of Work as a model process for the building design and construction process. This long-established framework sets out the organisation and management of building projects, providing important work stage reference points.

However, Malcolm, Richard and the team at Corporate Architecture also pride themselves in stepping up to challenges from building the award winning Kilworth House Theatre in an almost inaccessible wooded glade to delivering a specialist food factory to UK standards for a developer in St Petersburg, Russia. It is not unusual to find the team onsite throughout the UK and Worldwide delivering a wide range of projects.

The team which combines a mixture of ages and experience with youth and innovation, utilises its wide ranging expertise to adapt to your project requirements, whether your project is a small domestic project or a larger complex development.

A Plan of Work is an essential component in defining the services we provide, whether a seasoned professional developer or embarking on your first development project, Corporate Architecture will create a bespoke service agreement, setting out the core criteria of your project. At your first meeting with Corporate Architecture we will explain these in more detail and finally provide a written explanation in the form of a fee proposal tailored for your project.


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